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  • Announcement: Tapatalk Software Update
    Posted: chris.dempsey @ Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:00 am
Quick note to let those using Tapatalk know that the latest version of the software will be installed on the website soon, probably later tonight, so if there are any interruptions to service please be patient as it should only take a few minutes for normal service to be restored.

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  • Announcement: Welcome to GTOOC! - PLEASE READ
    Posted: GTO NEMESIS @ Fri May 07, 2010 9:10 pm
Welcome to GTOOC (GTO Owners Club) which we hope will soon be Europe's largest forum for the Mitsubishi GTO, 3000GT and Dodge Stealth.

GTOOC is a free access all areas forum based club, there are no membership fees and no GTO specific Commercial Enterprise fees - in short if you feel that you can offer something that can help advance the platform, the gathering of our chosen cars or offer something that our members will benefit from then you are more than welcome.
Our number one aim is to advance our platform and bring back the passion we all once had when we chose the cars that we drive.

GTOOC will also be an advanced technical resource for all of it's members to benefit from, all we ask is that when you have knowledge that may benefit another members you share it, in our view this is the way that we can support and advance our platform. (Copying and pasting other peoples material is not encouraged)

What does GTOOC stand for, how is it 'run' and what is our mission?

    Free technical resource for all

    No membership fee's, ever! We will be introducing a paypal 'Donate' option to the site at some point in the future to assist with the hosting costs so if you feel that you are enjoying the GTOOC way of ownership or benefitting from the clubs many commercially offered discounts then feel free to make a small contribution

    Free GTO/3000GT specific photo & video hosting - drop the picture onto your desktop then use the picture insert tool and the forum will do the rest (After-all, photos are often worth a 1000 words...)

    No dictatorships, committees, or AGM's to decide how the forum/club should be run - This will be YOUR forum/club, if you have an idea on how the club should be facilitated then put it forward in public for all to comment on and we will add a poll for you (Or add it yourself if you know how)

    Moderation of the forums will only take place is 'worst case' scenarios - If your opinion is valid/honest then there is no reason why it should not be heard (However unjustified personal attacks on other members will not be accepted)

    GTOOC is not in competition with any other GTO/3000GT forum/club, we believe there are enough owners in Europe for people to have a choice of forum and in our opinion there is no issue with people being in more than one club - We want to operate alongside our EU comrades and generate some large scale meetings

    We want to do as many National & International track days, dyno days and static meets as possible

    But most of all... We just want to have fun!

So who is welcome?
Everyone, regardless of your past experiences/opinions on the people who have set up the forum/club.
The past is just that, the past – Let’s move forward and make this Europe’s largest forum/club for our chosen cars.

See you in the General & Technical sections!

Mark ;)

PS. You don't have to be from the UK/Europe to join - we would love to have the contribution from all 3S owners!

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